Guaranteed Baby Program

Welcome to the World Center of Baby!
The World Center of Baby (WCOB) is an innovating organization securing your interests and safety in the field of reproductive technologies.

Our team is formed by inspired professionals who has huge experience in medical, legal and client-oriented domain. WCOB is your opportunity to start surrogacy journey or go through Egg donation program.

You receive an adequate comprehensive care. Only experienced surrogates carry your baby under protection of the reputable medical center. It's definitely the best choice.

Stop postponing a new life. Start preparing for a trip!
world center of baby
Stop postponing, start the journey!

Our medical centers are staying on top of new methods and approaches in the field of reproductive technologies.


We are going to Barcelona on 20th and to Stockholm on 25th of May.

To make an appointment, please, contact us via email :

Packages with a 100% guarantee
Each program package includes an unlimited number of fertilization procedures up to a positive result
Legal process

We guarantee the full control of the document preparation in accordance with the Law of Ukraine on surrogacy
Prices without additional costs
The price of the package is clear and has no hidden costs. If there are additional expenses, they are all specified in a package
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