Welcome to a new life with the help of the World Center of Baby!
We are a team of the best specialists in the field of surrogacy that will do everything possible to give you a child.

Your dream is our team's fundamental objective! Before taking such an important responsibility we analyze the medical market in the field of surrogate pregnancy in detail, calculate all the risks in order to provide guarantees and develop own work procedures in our center.

Currently, World Center of baby has:

  • The best specialists in medicine and law;
  • High quality standards in medicine;
  • The best private clinics in Ukraine for the in vitro fertilization procedure, IVF programs, surrogate motherhood and ovule donation;
  • A network of subsidiaries throughout the world where you can request an appointment with our lawyers specialized in surrogacy;
  • System of comparison of the genetic information of the possible parents with the data of the surrogate pregnant women, and donors of proven ovules;
  • Only surrogate pregnant women and healthy egg donors;
  • Full support throughout the surrogacy process;
  • Legal procedures for the registration of the child and preparation of the necessary documents for the embassy;
  • High quality services in Eastern Europe, with much lower rates than in Western Europe, another part of the world;
  • 24x7 customer service.

Honesty and frankness with our clients is the fundamental principle the World Center of Baby keeps to. Our goal is to ensure that the surrogate pregnancy process is developed at the highest quality level possible to greet a newborn taking into account all requirements and recommendations of the client. Maximum responsibility and personal approach! We select surrogate pregnant women and egg donors under the strictest criteria. We are looking for new practices and methods in the field of medicine. We work 24/7 to bring happiness to your life!

We will make the world better together!

Our diploma and licenses

Our team
Strelko Galina Vladimirovna
Doctor of the highest category
Candidate of Medical Sciences Member of European Society of Human Reproduction and
Embryology (ESHRE), American Society for Reproductive Medicine(ASRM), Ukrainian Society for Reproductive Medicine (USRM).
In 2004 – defended a thesis "Infertility treatment caused by the polycystic ovary syndrome using ART.

Ulanova Veronika Valerievna
Gynecologist-reproductive doctor
He is a member of the European Association of Reproductive Physicians (ESHRE),
Russian Association of Human Reproduction (CHRARCH)
2006 - "Auxiliary reproductive technologies in the treatment of infertility".
2007 - "Real problems in obstetrics and gynecology". 2009 - "Ultrasound in Obstetric Ultrasound in Gynecology".
2010 - "Fundamentals of reproductology"
The doctor of the highest category in the specialty obstetrics-gynecology.
Currently, a graduate student of the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education with the name of PL. Shupika, the thesis is dedicated to the correction of immunological forms of infertility
Ligarda Natalia Fedorivna
Obstetric gynecologist
Parpoley Karolina Konstantinovna
Tsoy Olga Yurievna
Design Director
Taran Alexandra Ivanovna
Ulyanchenko Igor Sergeyevich
Urologist, andrologist, ultrasound doctor
Vinogradov Denis Sergeevich
Voloshin Alexander Anatolievich
Babina Galina Vasilievna
Lazun Alexander Nikolaevich
Bagriy Vladislav Valerievich
Demianchuk Maksim Valerievich
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