Our services make us stand out from other surrogacy agencies

Lately, a large number of small associations or so-called companies dedicated to "advise" future parents have appeared on the Internet. Those are companies providing serviceswithout any professional experience, without having even minimum resources and the necessary infrastructure to perform such tasks. When problems arise in such a complicated field as a surrogate pregnancy, in which medicine, laws, traveling and languages are mixed, they lack means to face difficulties. Havingjust good intentions is not enough, many resources and the trained workforce are the must to solve any unforeseen causes, as well as have a solid structure, dedicated exclusively to the surrogacy, with subsidiaries and employees.

World Center of Baby offers you important guarantees and better services compared to other companies related to the processes of surrogacy. We have branches in Barcelona and Madrid, and receptions in other Latin American countries where we operate, such as Argentina, for example, where we enjoy great popularity. Our team manages the legal control over the entire process of in vitro fertilization (also known as in vitro gestation), and provides clear information on the case, if requested.

Among the services and guarantees that make the WorldCenter of Baby different from many other companies or "agencies" in the world of surrogacy, we can mention the following:

We guarantee the return of your money if we have not achieved our goal in thirty months of artificial insemination: aiming to welcome a new family member, this is also the reason why we exist and what we fight for day by day.
Our clients' trust is based on a solid and conspicuous work history, achieved by the clarity of our actions, for we are representatives of a visible and fiscally identified business group.

In a complicated process, the laws can slow down the development of legal procedures, that's why legal services are always required. We have an office of attorneys specialized in surrogate motherhood capable to guide and solve all the problems that may arise during the process.
We charge our service on site, where we provide our surrogacy services. We do not demand any payments through intermediaries or in countries not involved in the process.
To achieve greater confidence of those interested in initiating the process of surrogacy in our agency, we can offer the possibility of progress payment, depending on the package of services to be received and the particular case.
From the moment you arrive in Ukraine, you can feel at home. Our representative with the knowledge of your language will meet, accompany, consult and care for you and will help you throughout your stay in the country.
To avoid further problems and ensure that things will work properly during the registration and formal registration of the baby, one of our lawyers will accompany you to the consulate of your country in Ukraine.
You usually need to visit Ukraine twice during the gestation process. World Center of Baby guarantees your comfortable stay during visits to our country, offering you the first time accommodation in a first class hotel. When you return to formalize your child, an individual apartment with the best conditions available is provided.
After the baby is born, it will take some time before you can return homewith your child. To ensure your baby is healthy during this period medical services of a pediatrician who will visit you at the place of stay are provided.
Our offices in Spain and Argentina have bilingual staff and are first-class professionals in the matter of surrogate gestation, to help you with any complications.
Our agency is happy to offer parents an exclusive, free and very important service to ensure the health of their child - retaining umbilical cord stem cells in a German cell bank with for 20 years.
The risk of death is much higher for the child born premature, which is why most companies terminate the surrogacy program. Thus if the child dies during his birth (prematurely), there's no reimbursement. The World center of Baby restarts the surrogacy program for free under the conditions agreed during the signing of the initial contract, if the death occurs in the period between week 28 and until 20 days after week 36.
The surrogate pregnancy process is stressful and can affect parents' mental state during the development of this process. For this reason, the World Center of Baby provides periodic psychological assistance to parents to help overcome the stages of unrest, as well as detailed description of the process. This psychological assistance is provided free of charge to parents and to the child up to 4 years of age.
We are a powerful company with the adequate infrastructure and the necessary qualified personnel. Wecan easily provide unique insurance to cover any difficulties that may arise: loss or deterioration of embryos during transportation, change of the donor.
Our agency offers distance courses through live videoconferences for first-time parents to discusschildcare of the future child during its first weeks of life.
You will be provided with a local mobile, so that you could communicate freely at no cost during your stay in the destination city.
All the information and data about our clients is archived, and will only be used for the surrogate pregnancy process, in compliance with the law on the protection of personal data currently in force in Ukraine.
Our company puts procedures to try to prevent surrogate mothers from being treated badlyinto practice and protects them at all times. The surrogate mother is the person who will give you the most important thing in your life!
We give you a backpack with everything you need to take care of your baby in the first days of life in the foreign country.
After the child is born we guarantee medical online consulting24/7 for a year through any existing communication source, to evaluate and resolve the parents' doubts.
More than 50 professionals exclusively strive every day to solve tasks related to surrogacy to help bring happiness to more parents every year.All the aforementioned services and guarantees would not be possible withouttheir efforts.

The family counselor can inform you about the program that suits your needs the best. Ask any questions you want.

Grant us the privilege to accompany you during this fantastic journey towards happiness via surrogate pregnancy!
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