The World Center of Baby (WCOB) is a center for human reproduction, which has managed to remain exceptional among others performing ART and Surrogacy.

Our corporate philosophy primarily is to serve and protect our client. Being successful in providing surrogacy is not simply the most amazing ability; transforming a complicated and tedious procedure into a masterpiece is worth a lot.


The question seems quite trivial but we can answer it proudly.

We are going to ask you a counter question: what components are indispensable for a successful surrogacy program?

If you do not mind, we will answer for you:
These are, of course, the PEOPLE who carry out the key functions throughout your journey so that each tiny detail of this huge mechanism works properly and efficiently.
Medical specialists
We do not hire regular doctors; we prefer to deal with those who go above and beyond in their approach to medical care. Those who have discovered the fabulous opportunities for reproductive medicine in Ukraine and will take care of you. They are the real experts with experience of work in this field for over 20 years.
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We have also got this point covered! Our managers are young, talented, and dedicated professionals.They have earned their status in other large reproductive centers. Each of them speaks the same language as you and knows how to solve any problem without delay. We cherish their advantages. They prove daily that they've gained only positive knowledge and skills from other clinics' experience.
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This takes a special proud place on our list. We sincerely appreciate their vocation and role in the whole process. Their health and calmness is a guarantee of success for each of us. We have created a specialized program that provides your surrogate with the ideal conditions for pregnancy.You can be assured that your surrogate mother receives as much love and care as every mother should.

Our placement agency for surrogates is based upon ethics and stringent requirements.

At the head of this department is a woman who knows firsthand the inherent complexities of this activity. She repeatedly and successfully participated in the programs on her own. Only a woman who has passed through the process of surrogacy can create the most optimal conditions for her colleagues and wards.

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Egg Donors
No comments are needed here. Ukraine is well-known for the quality of its donors. These are young educated girls, with excellent characteristics and without harmful habits for every preference.
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