Ukraine is famous for its positive attitude to surrogacy motherhood. More and more couples are coming to Ukraine every year for infertility treatment. This is not only because of affordable prices, but also because of the high quality of service.

At present, in Ukraine, there are a lot of clinics which provide surrogacy, egg donation and infertility treatment services.
Why Ukraine?
Here is the list of benefits that attracts Intended Parents from all over the world:

- high success rate of surrogacy programs;

- qualified doctors with experience of work in Ukraine and abroad;

- large database of physically and mentally healthy donor and surrogates;

- supportive legislation (e.g. the fact of surrogacy stays confidantial and the names of intended parents are specified on the original birth certificate; it also regulates the process and protects the surrogates` and donors` rights);

- «delicious» prices for programs.

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Infertility treatment programs and surrogacy programs are regulated by the Family Code of Ukraine.

When a baby is born to a surrogate mother, the genetic parents are considered to be the parents of the baby.

In contrast to other countries, genetic parents don't need to carry out the procedure of adoption of the newborn baby in their home country. After the delivery, the child is registered as the child of genetic parents and in no way as a "test tube baby."

At the legislative level there was not a single case of a disrespectful attitude of genetic parents towards a surrogate mother, forceful carrying by a surrogate mother of somebody else's child and vice versa, no surrogate mother harmed or caused any inconvenience to genetic parents.

Couples whose marriage is officially registered can use the surrogacy service in Ukraine. Under the law, same-sex couples and singles can't take part in a surrogacy program.

Why choose World Center of Baby?
Hight Quality
We cooperate with the best clinics and maternity homes where a surrogate mother is treated with special attention and the genetic parents with respect.
Legal Support
Our experienced lawyers help us make the process more comfortable and obstacle free.
Prices without additional costs
The price of the package is clear and has no hidden costs. If there are additional expenses, they are all specified in the package.
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