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Twin pregnancy

I'm again pleased to say hello to everyone who cares. Todays' topic is going to be very serious and maybe tough to accept. I'm not used to prepare materials for the blog based on my subjective opinion. Only facts and statistics are preferable in the drafting process.

My work allows me to be surrounded by people at the planning phase of pregnancy, I dare to say most of them dream of sweet twins. It's indeed fabulous to be rewarded with wonderful twins after the endless period of trying but is that so smooth? That's why I'm ready to discuss about the flipside of the twin pregnancy.

It might at least be educational. Let's get started, my precious friends!

Twin pregnancy is not an uncommon event. It occurs when the uterus carries two fetuses simultaneously rather than one. Having twins is a genetic disposition in some families but age also appears to be a contributing factor.

Women in their late 30s have a higher chance of having twins, usually due to release of more than one egg during the menstrual cycle. But with increasing use of assisted conception, there is a trend towards a leap in frequency of twin pregnancies.

Certainly, the doctors, as well as the majority of intended parents clearly understand all the risks concerning to the multiple gestation, they obviously worry for the safety of a surrogate mother, their future babies and themselves, and my following report is about that.

As your uterus carries an additional fetus during twin pregnancy, it increases your chance of experiencing some pregnancy complications. So first things first.

1. Preterm Labor:
Research concludes that almost 60% twin pregnancy risks ends with preterm delivery.
When the delivery takes place before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy, it is commonly referred to as preterm delivery.

The length of gestation becomes shorter, as you carry the additional fetus in your womb.

The body of the premature twins does not develop properly. The organs are not fully mature, and the babies are usually small, quite weak and of low birth-weight.

As the organs remain ill-developed, the babies require medical attention for eating, breathing, fighting infection and staying warm.

Premature babies remain vulnerable to infectious germs and thus they need special medical care.
2. Gestational Diabetes:
This disorder is a common occurrence in twin pregnancy. The two placentas increase the resistance towards insulin production and your body experiences a sudden increase in the blood sugar level.

Some other factors to cause gestation diabetes in twin pregnancy include greater placental size and elevated levels of the placental hormones.
3. Birth Defects:
Twin pregnancy increases the risks of congenital abnormalities in your newborn twins. Some of the common birth defects usually experienced are heart abnormalities, neural tube defects and gastrointestinal disorders
4. Placental Abruption:
This condition is more likely to occur in twin pregnancy as compared to single pregnancy.

Placental abruption imposes serious condition where the placenta detaches from your uterine wall before delivery.

This mostly happens during the third trimester of pregnancy.
5. Miscarriage
During the twin pregnancy, one of the twins can unfortunately be miscarried, usually in the first trimester. This phenomenon is called as the Vanishing twin syndrome. This may be accompanied by bleeding. The risk of pregnancy loss is actually increased in later trimesters as well.
Risk of spontaneous abortion per fetal sac in relation to gestational age (comparison of twin pregnancies versus singleton pregnancies)
NS = not significant.
It's not easy and that safe to become a happy parent of twins. That's the path for the best-trained. But I wish you to experience only a healthy twin pregnancy.
You can't eliminate the risks, but there are steps you can take to reduce some of them
Get regular prenatal care
Don't put yourself on bed rest. The relative activity is the key to the well-being
Eat well
Know the signs and symptoms of premature labor
Stay hydrated.
If you're thirsty, drink for three!
The risks always exist. However, the good prenatal care, preparation, readiness and control may help you to overcome the hardship.

I share my best wishes and love with you guys. Hope it was helpful.

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