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Does smoking affect the reproductive function?

Everybody knows that smoking is harmful and causes a wide range of health problems: cancer, heart and lung diseases, teeth issues and so forth. The tobacco primary component - nicotine - constricts and destroys blood vessels. As a result of body poisoning, all our internal organs are disturbed. But a lot of smokers (both men and women) do not realize that smoking also can lead to infertility.

Smoking is associated with the following fertility problems for women:
  • eggs damage;
  • increasing chances of miscarriage, premature birth, and ectopic pregnancy;
  • fallopian tubes blockage;
  • ovarian cancer;
  • lower fertility.
It has a huge impact on male fertility as well and leads to such issues as:
  • problems with getting and keeping erections;
  • low sperm quality and quantity;
  • damaging sperm DNA.
Smoking during pregnancy (including passive) affects the child, for example, in the future, it may have such medical problems as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.But the good news is that quitting smoking before planning pregnancy can decrease the health issues.

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