Surrogate maternity program "Guarantee" 44 000 euros
Unlimited IVF with donated ovules + surrogate mother
Organization of the program
Selection of a pregnant woman and an egg donor

The remuneration and all payments to the surrogate mother
Unlimited FIV
Sex selection
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis – PGD

Complete legal support of the process
Preparation and organization of the program
The services clients of our company are provided:

  • meeting at the airport, hotel transfer;
  • comfortable apartments for parents (during their entire stay in Ukraine);
  • company private driver (for the procedures related to the process);
  • full board (during all visits);
  • comprehensive specialized medical assistance and its coordination;
  • personal interpreter's services;
  • sightseeing Kyiv at your leisure time;
  • informative assistance for parents via all means of communication each week;
  • coordinating and monitoring throughout the program;
  • babysitter or nurse for baby care;
  • pediatrician at home to examine the baby.

Legal and notary services during organization of the program:

  • The inscription of the baby in the Civil Registry of Ukraine to obtain the birth certificate of the baby with the name of the biological parents;
  • preparing and translation of the necessary documents;
  • notary services;
  • formalization of contracts or other legal documents with all parties of the process;
  • legal assistance to obtain a passport in the name of the bab
Program start:

  • preparation of the medical documentation necessary to carry out the program;
  • the first medical consultation of the couple in our clinic: necessary diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, preparinga treatment plan;
  • organizingthe meeting with the pregnant woman
Choice and preparation of the pregnant woman:

  • Diagnosis and psychological exams, your preparation for the program,
  • Medical examinations of the physical condition and its aptitude for fertilization, pregnancy and the subsequent delivery of the healthy baby.
  • control of pregnancy from the beginning to the birth (medications, vitamins, ultrasound, analysis of each trimester);
  • control and monitoring of medical examinations;
  • the insurance, the fee and its monthly maintenance;
  • accommodation and clothing, transportation costs, control services

Choice of the egg donor and its preparation:

  • choice of the donor of ovules from a donor base of the clinic (up to the parents) reviews and medical examinations
  • fee
  • carryingout IVF procedure with donation

Realization of IVF procedure with ovule donation.
IVF + ICSI program with donated oocytes
  • airport pickup, hotel transfer;
  • medical assistance, medication, control and preparation of the donor of ovules and of the pregnant woman;
  • IVF with ICSI;
  • the test of preimplantation genetic diagnosis - PGD;
  • breed preservation of embryos during 1 year;
  • the embryo transfer until we get the pregnancy of the pregnant woman.
Complete control over the pregnancy of the pregnant woman
  • pregnancy monitoring;
  • medical tests;
  • ultrasound every time the doctor assigns;
  • full nutrition, medicines and vitamins; keep future parents informed throughout pregnancy
Delivery and preparation of documents for the baby
  • organize the parents' presence the day of the birth;
  • medicines, things basket for the baby;
  • consultation of the neurologist;
  • the discharge and the medical birth certificate of the baby from the maternity clinic;
  • obtain the birth certificate of the baby in the civil registry;
  • the DNA test;
  • Pediatric assistance for the examination of the baby.

Preparation of documents for the baby:
  • Provision of the baby's birth certificate and certificate
  • The accomplishment of in vitro fertilization in the clinic;
  • Help in obtaining the birth certificate in the Civil Registry;
  • Notary services;
  • Preparation of all necessary documents for the Embassy to obtain the baby's passport.

Extra payment for the twins - 3000 euros.
14 000 euros
First payment - when signing the contract
10 000 euros
Second payment - at month 6 of gestation
10 000 euros
Third payment - after being discharged from the hospital
10 000 euros
Fourth payment - after receiving the baby's passport

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