General doubts about surrogate motherhood

According to statistics, approximately 4 to 6 couples out of 10 are sterile in the world, and in many cases certain diseases of women lead to such a problem. Talking of Ukraine, surrogacy becomes more popular with time, and couples from all over the world often decide to carry out this process precisely in our country. The responsibility assumed by Ukrainian women and quite low surrogate pregnancy costs in Ukraine are two fundamental reasons why.
How does the Surrogate Gestation work in Ukraine?

Ukraine is considered to be one of the legally recognized places in the world of belly rent to carry out surrogacy practices.
Geographically located in the Eastern Europe, Ukraine legalized surrogate pregnancy on 01.01.2004, when the family code came into force together with several other normative acts, that make it easier for couples to freely exercise their parental and maternal rights. As a result, Ukrainian legislation became one of the most favorable for the acceptance of such programs in the world (See current legislation).
Before making the decision to continue with our program and to benefit from our services, please read carefully the following requirements to start this important process.
First of all, you should register on our website and provide us with all the information required for surrogation in order to open a file, in which the entire history of the Surrogate Pregnancy process will be reflected, from your arrival to our country and until the return home when your dream comes true. In addition to the personal data, we kindly ask you to provide all medical information that may be important. Once the terms and conditions have been agreed, the contract will be signed.


Our artificial insemination program foresees, among many other services, a reception at the airport and further support during your stays, so our guests will never feel strangers in a foreign country;
an accompanying advisor will guide you and take to a temporary residence (an apartment or a hotel);
will guarantee the accompaniment to the surrogate maternity clinic, and serve as an interlocutor between you and the doctors, and will pay special attention to every detail to make your stay in the country a wonderful experience;
will have access to a wide database of women donors of ova and surrogate pregnant women;
each payment of the services obtained will be supported by the receipt of payment corresponding to each invoice of surrogate pregnancy costs;

Our rates include the expenses for the following benefits: medical and legal procedures of assisted reproduction, remuneration to the surrogate mother and the service of the interpreter;
After the arrival of the baby, we would just like to wish you all the best and help in the legal procedure for IVF in vitro fertilization in order to obtain the child's birth certificate.
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