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Surrogacy – Emotional journey
That's fair to say that surrogacy can take too much nerves and strength, it always needs your concentration, the tremendous effort and sometimes causes a big stress. The intended parents perhaps more than whoever else within the treatment process must overcome a lot and try to keep calm under the most stressful conditions. The Doctors and a surrogate mother also face with a great responsibility and possibly remain under a heavy pressure throughout the program, but I'd like to get focused on the most common concerns which inevitably come to life of the Intended parents. I warn you, this has to be interesting. Let's get started!
I'm happy to say "welcome to the encyclopedia of reproductive technologies" and hello to everyone who cares. I'm here again with a material that promises to be intriguing and obviously important for those who opt for surrogacy as the only way of achieving your cherished parenthood. Our today's theme sounds like Surrogacy – the Emotional journey. It really makes sense, doesn't it?

A surrogate mother refuses to give the baby up
It can hardly be true if we're talking about Gestational type of surrogacy. Saying this I mean that when the intended parents fulfill their contractual obligations, the surrogate mother has no legal claim to the baby. For this reason, in most cases the surrogate mother is fully controlled by a joint agreement, it's actually illegal to hire a traditional surrogate in many countries providing the gestational surrogacy.
According to the law a donor or a surrogate mother has no parental rights over the child born and the child born is legally the child of the prospective parents. Even if it seems hard and tough for a surrogate to give the baby up, she's a professional who participates in the arrangement regulated by the legislation and she's responsible for complying with the legal requirements. In short, it's a crime to cheat on you under the program of surrogacy. And the commission of a crime inevitably leads to the logical punishment and prosecution.
Complicated course of the pregnancy
Honestly, we should admit that any pregnancy isn't a cakewalk. It's always a big deal with different possible occurrences. Everyone worries when carrying a baby or when someone's carrying your future sweet child. And that's all right.

However, I'd want to notice that few other pregnancies go under such a strict professional observation. The clinics dealing with surrogacy involve plenty of diverse specialists in order to maintain all the aspects of the process in the proper way. Every step of journey has its special staff (Ob-gyns, Embryologists, Reproductologists, Midwives, Nutritionists and many other). All these people aim to protect surrogate's pregnancy from various harm. Everybody (within the process) expects to succeed.

Being a participant in surrogacy program, you as a rule rely on the latest equipment and total medical assistance during the process. And that guarantees reducing probable risks during pregnancy as much as it's currently possible. None pregnancy is completely safe from the hazards, but I hope the given information encourages you to be more confident and not to overthink this.
A medical mistake. Concern about the possible mix-up at the lab and storage
I'm sure, it's better to send this question to the specialist with the impressive work history at reproductology. She'll definitely be more thorough in answering.
Inadequate level of medical care and poor physician qualifications
As a matter of fact, Ukraine inject large amounts of money to maintain the decent world level of service It provides. It wasn't easy to develop such a specific infrastructure and gain quite a big experience in reproductology. The task of Ukrainian clinics was to assert themselves among other international facilities. And judging by the annual number of patients visiting Ukraine for having surrogacy program, they have actually accomplished their mission. The business keeps on evolving. Only the most expensive equipment is preferably to be bought, the working staff is tested and selected carefully.

Almost all the doctors practicing in surrogacy in Ukraine have been studding and working abroad for obtaining skill development. A regular doctor without the reputable training history couldn't have just been hired to treat the intended parents from foreign countries. The quality of service and long-lasting trustworthy relationship are the key messages in today's Ukrainian reality.

As for concern about the neglect of undergoing of all the necessary tests and screenings by a surrogate mother, Ukrainian surrogacy is completely regulated by the law. You may learn it easily on Internet. There are all required procedures and tests pointed to be strictly taken during the surrogacy process.
Unfavorable political environment
All of you, perhaps know, that Ukraine was involved in the military conflict not so long ago. The eastern part of the country is really undergoing the calamity of war. People massively move on to the center, south and north of Ukraine because these regions are under control of state and live in safe. The life there in the middle of Ukraine where most reproductive clinics are located is fully usual as It was before the disaster.

Lots of foreign tourists travel to Ukraine with different purpose. It's a very hospitable and beautiful place for visiting. Of course, it's also one of the most actively evolved and attractive destinations for fertility tourism.
A large number of couples from all around the globe have become parents through applying to surrogacy agencies in Ukraine. It's a gorgeous achievement and another argument in support of the enabling environment, in fact, Ukraine's political climate is unpredictable, but public climate and conditions of service are appropriate for visiting and having fertility journey.

I can vouch.

Well, right, that's it for today. I really hope you liked this video.

It's no big secret, surrogacy is able fill our life with the terrible anxiety in case we choose a clinic that we can't trust. But why to choose such an unreliable clinic? I wish you to co-operate only with trusted agencies with the good reputation. It's your crucial tool to make your worries disappear.

If you are already in the program, I wish you a smooth journey.

We'll meet each other soon again, and do not hesitate to subscribe my channel, Ciao!

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