Surrogacy Law in Ukraine
According to the Ukranian law, when an embryo conceived by a married couple is transferred into the uterus of another woman (a surrogate mother) with the help of assisted reproduction technologies, the spouses are considered the legal parents of the child.
Article 281. The Right to Life
7. An adult woman or man shall have the right, given the medical indications, to undertake medical treatment programs of supportive reproductive technologies per the procedure and conditions established by the legislation.
— Civil Code of Ukraine
Article 48. Artificial Insemination and Embryo Implantation
Artificial insemination and embryo implantation are carried out in accordance with the conditions and procedures stipulated by the central executive body, which ensures state policy in the field of healthcare, on the grounds of medical indications of an adult woman undergoing these procedures, upon condition of a spouses' written consent, ensuring a donor's anonymity, and protection of medical privacy.
— Fundamentals of the Legislation of Ukraine on Healthcare
Article 123. Establishing Affiliation of the Child Born by Virtue of Assisted Reproductive Technologies
1. If the wife delivers the child conceived using Assisted Reproductive Technology, upon written consent of her husband, the latter shall be registered as the father of the child born by his wife.
2. If the embryo conceived by the spouses using Assisted Reproductive Technology is transferred into the body of another woman, the spouses shall be the parents of the child.
3. The spouses shall be considered as the parents of the child, born by the wife, when an embryo conceived by her husband and another woman was transferred into the wife's body.

— Family Code of Ukraine
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