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The World Center of Baby (WCOB) is an innovative organization securing your interests and safety in the field of reproductive technology.
Today these offers seem to be excessively numerous because of the current amount of practicing clinics and agencies. We aim to protect you from frequently occurring mistakes and provide you with the highest standards of medical care and legal support.
Our team is comprised of inspired professionals who have vast experience in the legal, medical, and client-oriented domain.
All our members have gained experience at well-known facilities and have now teamed up in order to create a higher level of quality service, transparent communication, and the most efficient process for you.
Surrogacy agency in Ukraine World Center of Baby
Packages with
a 100% guarantee
Some programs include an unlimited number of fertilization procedures leading to a positive result
Complex legal support
We take full control of the paperwork complying with the Ukrainian law on surrogacy
Prices without
additional costs
The price of the package is clear and has no hidden costs. All possible additional expenses are specified in the package
Everyday we work hard to make the life of our clients better and happier
1. Free consultation
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions and provide you with all the information you need.
2. Confirmation of documents
We need to clarify all the details with our clients: their wishes, comments, medical health indications, and find out why a couple cannot conceive.
3. Visit to Ukraine
After your documents are confirmed, the couple choose the program and the egg donor if necessary, and then plan their visit to Ukraine. First time in the country? Don't worry, our team will make your trip unforgettable.
4. Health tests
The couple have consultation with the doctor and undergo all necessary health tests at the clinic. Then, the couple can go back home.
5. Embryo culture
Our best embryologists cultivate embryos and also make PGD/PGS testing. The goal of testing is to identify abnormal embryos and select best quality embryos for embryo transfer.
6. Embryo transfer
Our surrogate mother undergoes complete medical examination and preparation for embryo transfer. After the embryos are transferred, the couple will know the result in two weeks.
7. Monthly reports
Every month the couple receive medical reports (including alcohol, smoking and drug tests), ultrasound reports and pictures their baby.
8. Childbirth
The couple arrive to see the first minutes of their child's life. Our team provides all the support for the couple: translation, legal services, and managers' assistance.
9. Going home
The couple can go back home with their baby after obtaining all the necessary exit documents.
A new chapter of their life is just beginning!
Surrogacy programs
Surrogacy program "Classic"
using donor oocytes

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Surrogacy program "Classic"
using own oocytes

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Guaranteed surrogacy program "Comfort"
1 attempt using own oocytes + unlimited attempts using donor oocytes

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Guaranteed surrogacy program "Comfort"
unlimited attempts using donor oocytes

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