Surrogacy in Israel is strictly regulated by surrogacy law.

A couple who wants to become parents should provide a marriage certificate and a medical certificate indicating the impossibility for the woman to carry a baby. Having all these documents, a couple can use surrogacy services.

By the law of Israel, the following couples can not participate in a surrogacy program:
- not married officially;
- same-sex couples;
- couples in which the man submits the test results showing he has a low-quality sperm that cannot be used for fertilization.

Due to legislation, single woman between 18 and 28 years who have one healthy child can be a surrogate mother.

Legal requirements concerning surrogacy:
- relatives on the woman's (Intended mother) side can not become surrogate mothers for a couple;
- a woman who is going to become a surrogate mother should be absolutely healthy, both physiologically and mentally;
- after the child's birth, communication between the surrogate mother and the Intended parents is strictly prohibited
- before the program starts, intended parents have to sign a contract with the surrogate mother.

The contract is drawn up by a lawyer and includes the precise amount of compensation to the surrogate mother.

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