We would like to present you with the service which is most in demand among our clients - surrogacy. The fact that infertility progresses every year doesn't mean that it can't be overcome. Medicine doesn't stand still either! And sometimes, the only right choice for a couple is to opt for a surrogacy program.
Guarantee programs
At the World Center of Baby, all the programs are high quality and bring results. But as practice shows, couples mostly opt for guarantee programs as it allows them to stay calm throughout the whole process. It should be noted that the guarantee programs do not differ much from the standard ones, in terms of both medical and financing policy.
We can offer:

  • Surrogacy with the egg donation (a local donor)
  • Surrogacy with the egg donation (an international donor)
  • Surrogacy with the own oocytes
  • Surrogacy with frozen shipped embryos
  • Egg donation program
Getting started
If you have any questions, please contact us!

You can fill out the form or just get a call back from our managers. You'll get a free consultation about the possibility of admission to the program.

Also, we are always open to the wishes and proposals of cooperation from clinics, centers, and large diversified companies with a high client flow.
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