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The World Center of Baby (WCOB) is a full-service surrogacy agency dedicated to creating new life while ensuring the interests and safety of the intended parents and surrogates in the field of reproductive technology.

Our specialized services make it safer, easier and more enjoyable for couples, surrogates and egg donors partaking in this life-changing journey.

Our employees are inspired professionals with substantial experience and knowledge in the field of reproductive medicine, fertility and all legal aspects of taking your new baby home. Today we are happy to provide full guidance and support at every step of the way in life's most wonderful journey.

All aspects of the surrogacy progress are handled by our team, from matching, to screening, to legal work and social support. If you are looking for a safe, experienced and responsible agency, World Center of Baby has been recognized as one of the leading surrogate agencies.

Stop postponing your life and start preparing for a new journey!

We work with love!

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Prices without additional costs
Willing and available surrogates for a successful match
Guaranteed Surrogacy Programs
Legal support for a smooth exit process
Individual care and support on each surrogate journey

Our medical centers use cutting edge methods and approaches in the field of reproductive technology to help you achieve your dream of a complete family

What do we have for you?

Guaranteed Surrogacy Programs
At World Center of Baby we offer different surrogacy packages and programs to suit the individual needs of our intended parents. Our all-inclusive packages ensure a smooth, straightforward and protected surrogacy experience for all parties involved.
Supported Surrogacy Process
World Center of Baby is an experienced agency, which can navigate you through milestones of surrogacy.
We offer our support for the intended parents, surrogate mothers, and egg donors, comprehensive medical approach and legal assistance.
Best surrogate mothers and egg donors
At World Center of Baby, we are proud of our surrogates and egg donors. We ensure they are comfortable and well taken care of throughout their time with us.
Best clinics and embryologists
Our doctors are at the forefront of reproductive medicine. Vast experience and expertise of the medical team, modern laboratory facilities and latest equipment allow us to tailor make our programs and come up with the best available options to meet your needs and requirements. We work together to help you achieve your dream of a complete family.


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