Is surrogacy legal in Ukraine?
Yes. Ukraine is famous for its positive attitude to surrogacy.
Who can participate in surrogacy programs in Ukraine?
Surrogacy in Ukraine is only allowed for married couples. Same-sex couples are not allowed to participate in programs.
Is surrogacy allowed for men or women who do not have partners?
Unfortunately no. Couples whose marriage is officially registered can use the surrogacy service in Ukraine.
Is it possible for homosexuals, lesbians in a couple or a marriage?
Unfortunately no. Under the law, same-sex couples can't take part in a surrogacy program.
Could the surrogate mother have any rights for the baby?
No, due to the law, the surrogate mother does not have any right as a mother for the child. The fact of surrogacy stays confidantial and the names of Intended Parents are specified on the original birth certificate.
It is regulated in accordance with the provisions of article 123, Part 2 of the Family Code of Ukraine, which states:
"The parents of the baby born by methods of assisted reproduction will be those who conceived the embryo, even if it was implanted in the womb of another woman (surrogate mother)."

What happens if the surrogate does not want to give my baby?
Before starting the surrogate process, a couple sign the contract with the surrogate.

According to the contract, the surrogate mother confirms that she has no rights for the baby and agrees to receive the compensation only after obtaining the legal document that confirms the genetic relationship with the parents.
Can PGD/PGS testing be done?
Yes, PGD/PGS testing is allowed. It is used to screen for specific genetic deseases and also for gender selection.
Does the selected program have to be paid in advance in full?
No, the total price of the program will be divided into several installments. The payment schedule will be presented at the signing contract.
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