Surrogacy is illegal in Austria, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Spain and Italy.

In Germany the woman who carried and gave birth to a child becomes his legal mother, but despite that, there are a lot of IVF clinics in the country that use advanced technologists to treat infertility.

Due to strict laws, in France doctors involved in surrogacy bear criminal responsibility.

Non-commercial surrogacy is legal in Great Britain, Denmark, Netherlands and Hungary. For example, in Great Britain a surrogate mother doesn't receive any compensation, only the expenses during pregnancy are covered. In the Netherlands, any surrogacy advertising is prohibited. In Denmark and Hungary only the intended parents' relative can be a surrogate mother.

Surrogacy isn't regulated by law also in Belgium, Greece and Finland. Due to the lack of surrogacy legislation, an agreement between the parents and a surrogate mother has no legal force.

In Ukraine, Belarus and Russia surrogacy is allowed by law. Nowadays it has become the mot effective way to treat infertility in these countries.

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